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Webinar: Internet of Things, The Whole Story

IoT Pillars

This presentation provides an overview of IoT definitions as per key players in the industry such as Cisco, Ericsson, Gartner, ITU and  the International European Research Cluster (IERC). The presentation briefly discusses IoT challenges and fundamental characteristics together with the goals, vision and mission of IoT Egypt Forum.

IoT Main Components

This presentation discusses the three main pillars upon which IoT is built; namely IoT Infrastructure & Technologies, IoT Governance & Legislation and IoT Applications & Business Models.

detailed layers

IoT Detailed Layered Architecture.

EU Funded Projects

This presentation scans over the European Commission efforts in boosting research and innovation for IoT. The presentation discusses number of EU funded projects in different domains.


This presentation provides an overview of the available IoT education curriculums.

Webinar : Internet of Things (IOT) – The Whole Story Challenges, standardization, applications and future trends