The Governance working group is responsible for assisting the policy makers in setting the rules and processes that affects decision making regarding openness, security, accountability, and compliance in order to control the evolution and use of IoT technology in Egypt.

The main goals of the Governance working group are:

  • Study the existing internet governance approaches and check their applicability to IoT.
  • Identify the constraints and limitations imposed on IoT deployment in Egypt by the existing governance regimes.
  • Propose new governance approaches for IoT in order to:
    • Guarantee the common identification techniques for objects to achieve uniqueness and interoperability.
    • Guarantee both the stability and security of networks over which objects will communicate.
    • Set strict rules for usage of data communicated between objects over the network to avoid data manipulation and misuse.
    • Avoid single point of control over resources and ensure fair competition among IoT service providers.