Bassem-BoshraEng. Bassem Boshra has 20 years of Professional career path in Software industry in multinational Telecom network provider and multinational Banking solutions provider with a globally recognized certifications & Awards and supported by multiple professional postgraduate studies.

Eng. Bassem has graduated from faculty of Electronic Engineering in 1995. Before graduation he has gained many prizes in software development from international magazines (PC World). As recognition of his early achievements in Software development, he has been awarded, by the head of Cabinet IDSC (Information Decision Support Center), a scholarship in ITI in 1996. He has graduated from ITI Intake 8 with a pioneering graduation project “Haneen” that he developed with two of his colleagues. Haneen was the first social media portal on the internet and it was dedicated to serve Egyptians living abroad. Haneen gained lots of internationally recognized awards including best Arabic web site on the internet in 1997 and finalist award in “Stockholm Challenge” as best social and community service web portal in 1999.  Since his graduation, he has been working in Software development creating applications to serve individuals, companies and corporates taking various ranks in different organizations. He has worked in ITI as web application development instructor until 1998.

In 1998, He joined in NCR “National Cash Register” as internet banking developer where he developed the 1st internet banking application in Middle East for Bank Misr in 1999, then the platform was sold to many banks in the Middle East.

He joined Ericsson in 2002 as an Expert for mobile internet software development then took various leadership roles in Ericsson North Africa until 2007 when he established Ericsson Software development center, known as CAC, that invented CADE (Customer Adaptation Deployment Environment) software platform that is being used in many mobile network backend systems. CADE platform has been added to Ericsson portfolio and sold to many mobile operators world-wide and still serving millions of mobile subscribers managing their prepaid credit balance, credit and rewards points.

In 2009, Eng. Bassem became the regional director for Multimedia innovation centers in Africa and lead Egypt center to become a world-wide delivery organization in 2010.

In 2013, Eng. Bassem decided to establish his own company “SpimeSenseLabs” that is specialized in developing Internet of Things applications and invented the IoT platform MasterOfThings in cooperation with ITI. SpimeSenseLabs is also cooperating with ITI to build highest caliber IoT competences for ITI graduates who will build IoT industry in Egypt and rest of the Arabic world.